Data Intensive Computing Workshop Coming to Liverpool Nov. 27

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The U.K.’s Science and Technology Facilities Council will hold its 23rd Daresbury Machine Evaluation Workshop on Tuesday, Nov. 27-28, 2012 in Liverpool. Day 1 of the event will feature a session on HPC in Industry: Data Intensive Computing, held in association with Panasas.

Initially the backbone for discovery in the national laboratories, big data has rapidly spread to commercial environments, driving cutting edge design and scientific discovery. Big data drives data intensive computing, fosters experimentation, improves time-to-results, and helps dramatically reduce cost for organizations that use their data as they design and discover next generation products and services. The session will include talks from key commercial users of data intensive computing. The goal is to share experience, and discuss challenges, for managing big data workloads in commercial high performance computing environments.

Day 2 of the event will be devoted to a GPFS User Group meeting. Read the Full Story.


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    GPFS, not GPU.