Inktank Startup Partners to Bring Infinite Storage to the Cloud

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Today the Inktank Startup announced a partnership with Canonical to integrate Ceph distributed storage into the next version of Ubuntu 12.10 to be released on the 18th of October. According to the company, Ceph can now be quickly provisioned via a Charm in Juju, Canonical’s open-source service orchestration management tool, making it easier than ever for Ubuntu users to utilize Ceph storage.

The Ceph project combined with Ubuntu, the proven cloud OS, is helping solve one of the biggest challenges in computing today by delivering cloud storage that is infinitely scalable, while being flexible and self-managing,” commented Kyle MacDonald, VP of Cloud at Canonical. ”We see a lot of interest for Ceph, because as a storage backend for OpenStack Volume (Cinder) it can scale easily and provides the needed redundancy to keep the data safe. Canonical has partnered with Inktank to offer enterprise support for Ceph, as well as to provide multiple provisioning options to ensure the storage solution is easy to deploy across different environments.”

Read the Full Story. In related news, Inktank also announced a partnership to integrate Ceph with Metacloud’s enterprise-class OpenStack-based private clouds.