New Penguin Servers Sport Calxeda’s EnergyCore ARM Chips

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Today Penguin Computing announced a new ARM-based server platform. As the first North American system vendor with servers based on Calxeda’s EnergyCore processors, Penguin and its new UDX1 bring new levels of efficiency and scale to Internet datacenters with a power envelope of only 5 Watts per server.

Power and cooling are the biggest facility challenges for most data centers, on the other hand typical cloud computing, web 2.0 and ‘Big Data’ applications are based on scale out architectures,” said Charles Wuischpard, CEO of Penguin Computing. “A new generation of power efficient high density servers is required to run these workloads efficiently. With the incredibly low power envelope and the extremely high density Calxeda’s EnergyCore SoCs offer, the UDX1 is the ideal platform for running these types of workloads.”

Before we get too excited about the HPC possibilities for this platform, I should note that this is a 32-bit chip. The first 64-bit EnergyCore due in 2014.

Penguin Computing will be showing a live demo of Hadoop running on the UDX1 at the upcoming Strata Conference + HadoopWorld on October 24-25 in New York. Read the Full Story.