Oracle Teams with Fujitsu on Sparc64 Athena Chip

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Over at Computerworld, Joab Jackson writes that Oracle is partnering with Fujitsu on a new liquid-cooled 28 nm SPARC chip called Athena.

Perhaps the most novel aspect of the processor is how it will be cooled by liquid, in a process the company calls “liquid loop cooling.” In effect, each server will have a radiator, which pipes cool liquid to individual CPUs. The approach will cut down on the noise caused by individual fans and extend CPU life, as the components will not grow as hot in daily operation, the company claims. Each chip will also get 512GB of DDR3 memory. Each core will have a Level 1 memory cache of 64KB (instruction cache) and 64KB (data cache), and each chip will have a Level 2 cache of 24MB. Fujitsu’s high-speed interconnect technology will allow the CPUs to share data at a rate of up to 14.5Gbps.

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