PRObE Center to Repurpose Supers Put Out to Pasture

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Over at Trib Live, Debra Erdley writes that Los Alamos National Laboratory is now able to repurpose old supercomputers with the new Parallel Reconfigurable Observational Environment (PRObE). Financed with a $10 million NSF grant, the PRObE center will enable scientists to experiment with supercomputers.

Repurposing a supercomputer is hard. Building the first computer science research environment of this scale is an experiment in itself,” said Katharine Chartrand of the New Mexico Consortium. “I am amazed at the commitment of this partnership — the institutions, the individuals, the NSF — to making this resource available to the nation.”

The bulk of the PRObE facilities are located at the New Mexico Consortium, with a smaller facility located at Carnegie Mellon University. Researchers will be able to access the facility remotely or visit Los Alamos to work at the facility. Read the Full Story.

In related news, Garth Gibson from Carnegie Mellon University will host a BoF session on PRObE at SC12 on Wednesday, Nov. 14.