SGI Delivers 15 Teraflop Cluster to Air Liquide

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This week SGI announced it has been chosen by Air Liquide to provide a 15 Teraflop HPC solution. As a long-standing SGI client, Air Liquide is installing the third upgrade of the SGI ICE blade server initially installed in 2008.

High Performance Computing requirements are steadily increasing in our sector and are allowing for accelerated innovation in the areas of energy, environment and health,” said Frédéric Camy-Peyret, Modelling & Numerical Simulation R&D program director for Air Liquide. “With simulations that are increasingly reliable and detailed, our molecular modelling and fluid dynamics applications require not only innovative computing architectures, but also high-performance storage. This is a comprehensive solution that SGI can provide.”

The new upgrade is based on Intel Xeon E5-2670 processors and Mellanox FDR InfiniBand Non-blocking Interconnect technology. The system is configured in a dual-plane ‘hypercube’ topology, one of four topologies supported by SGI ICE X, and contains several hundred Xeon cores and 2.3 terabytes of memory. Read the Full Story.