Supercomputing Board Can be Yours for $99. Here’s How

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Over at The Register, Timothy Prickett Morgan writes that Adapteva’s Parallella project on Kickstarter is designed to bring “supercomputing to everyone.”

But the problem that Adapteva is chasing is much larger than providing cheap parallel computing for hobbyists. The company wants to be at the forefront of exascale computing, and to do so by providing the cheapest and most energy-efficient floating point operations on the planet.

Adapteva sees the parallel computing challenge as its opportunity

Read the Full Story or check out this RichReport slidecast on the Parallella project.

Update: this past weekend, Adapteva the company took the unprecedented step of releasing its architecture and software manuals to the web, which it wasn’t originally going to do until the Kickstarter funding goal was reached. The campaign has generated a lot of interest to date with more than $260K and 1800+ contributors with still 18 days to go.