Video: Using PBS Hooks to Extend Your Environment and Lessons Learned

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In this video, Jon Shelley, HPC Software Consultant Lead at Idaho National Lab, presents: Using PBS Hooks to Extend Your Environment and Lessons Learned.

Extending the PBS environment through hooks on our HPC clusters has helped improve our user experience at the Idaho National Lab (INL). Using hooks, we have integrated our HPC resources, and provided data for reporting requirements and useful information to our users. The hooks to be discussed are checking each job request for malformed select statements and providing an alternative resource request message, determining the effective CPUs that each job requested for reporting purposes, and partially integrating Gold allocation manager to track the usage of our systems. We will also discuss issues encountered when integrating Gold resource allocation manager and a node health script.”

Recorded at the PBS Works User Group meeting in San Jose on Oct. 2, 2012.