Webinar: How RAMCloud Speeds Storage up to 100%

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The RAMCloud project is creating a new class of storage, based entirely in DRAM that is reportedly 2-3 orders of magnitude faster than existing storage systems. To get you up to speed, the Cloud Advisory Council and Stanford University are offering a webinar on how RAMCloud will enable a new class of applications that manipulate large datasets more intensively than has ever been possible.

In recent years DRAM has played a larger role in storage systems, driven by the demands of large-scale Web applications. However, DRAM is still used primarily in limited or special-purpose ways, such as a cache for some other backing store. In this webinar, John Ousterhout from Stanford University will describe RAMCloud, a general-purpose storage system where all data lives in DRAM at all times and large-scale systems are created by aggregating the main memories of thousands of commodity servers. RAMCloud provides durable and available DRAM-based storage for the same cost as volatile caches, and it offers performance 10-100x faster than existing storage systems.

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