A 5x Speedup in 5 Hours? Porting 3D Elastic Wave to GPUs Using PGI Accelerator

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Mathew Colgrove from The Portland Group writes that an invitation to present the PGI Accelerator programming model at the Society of Exploration Geophysics turned into a Geocode porting project that delivered a 5X speedup over their original MPI/OpenMP version in just five hours.

This article focuses on the process by which the PGI Accelerator directives were applied to SEISMIC_CPML. It should give you an understanding of the basic steps involved, some optimization tips, identify several potential pitfalls, and most of all, demonstrate how you can apply the PGI Accelerator directives to your own code. Note that you can download the full source code used for each step and work along with this article if you like.

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