Exascale at SC12

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By Rajeev Thakur

The international HPC community is actively working toward developing the next generation of high-performance computers that will be capable of 1 exaflops/s (1018 flops/s) or more of performance. These activities of the community are well represented in the program of the SC12 conference—the premier international conference on high-performance computing, networking, storage, and analysis.

Looking through the programs of past SC conferences, exascale first appeared in the official SC program in SC08 in Austin, Texas, where there was a workshop, three BoFs, three Exhibitor Forum talks, a Masterworks talk, and a Disruptive Technologies panel with the word exascale in the title or abstract. The initial exploratory meeting of the International Exascale Software Project (IESP) was also held at SC08.

Since then, exascale-related topics have received substantial coverage at SC conferences. The upcoming SC12 conference in Salt Lake City, Nov. 10–16, offers the HPC community the opportunity to participate in numerous events related to exascale. Listed below are no less than 75 events that explicitly mention exascale or extreme scale in the title or abstract! In addition, the SC12 program, available online at http://sc12.supercomputing.org/schedule/, includes many other events that implicitly relate to exascale.

Download this article for the full listing of exascale-related discussions at SC12.