INETCO Powers Actionable Transaction Analytics

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A recurring theme I saw at the SC12 exhibits this year revolved around the importance of gathering instrumentation and then performing analytics to optimize performance. In that vein comes a new release from INETCO, a leading provider of application performance monitoring (APM). The company’s Insight 5.2. software can capture every network transaction in real-time, correlate applications, infrastructure, and response timing data, and then isolate underperforming application and network components. According to the company, it does all this without the use of agents, extra traffic loads or code changes.

Our research shows that a transaction-centric approach to application performance management reduces mean-time-to-repair for incidents in multi-tier applications by over 70%,” says Bojan Simic, President and Principal Analyst at TRAC Research. “However, the management overhead of agent-based transaction monitoring solutions can be a challenge in many application environments – only 39% of organizations adopt a transaction-centric approach to APM.”

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