Intel’s Voyager Award Goes to Flow Science at SC12

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This week at SC12, Flow Science, developers of FLOW-3D, a highly-accurate computational fluid dynamics (CFD) package, has won the Intel®Cluster Ready Voyager Award for the second year in a row. The Voyager Awards recognize those organizations that have contributed to Intel® Cluster Ready advancement and total available market growth and helped penetrate the much sought after but elusive “missing middle” for customers moving to cluster-based solutions.

Working with the Intel support team, we were able exceed what had been a previous scaling limit of 32 cores,” said Anup Gokarn, Senior FLOW- 3D/MP Developer. “After enabling our software for distributed memory parallelism, we were able to run on more than 32 cores of Intel’s latest processor architecture and find out how the software performed.”

CFD lies at the core of most industrial design cycles in hydraulics, aerospace, casting, microfluidics and other engineering applications. As hardware architectures evolve, engineers are constantly trying to solve large complex simulations with reduced runtimes in order to optimize their design cycles. Flow Science developers have collaborated with Intel technical staff for over 7 years to improve the accuracy and performance of FLOW-3D using Intel’s constantly evolving architecture and toolsets to meet its customers demand for accurate solutions in less time for larger data sets.

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