Massive 790 Gigabit Network Capacity to Light Up SC12

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The SC12 conference this week in Salt Lake City will be home to one of the fastest computer networks in the world.

Known as SCinet, the network is built each year to support the international conference for high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis. Over 100 engineers representing industry, academia and government institutions have volunteered their time over the past year to plan and build SCinet using nearly $28 million in donated equipment. The network will serve as the primary backbone supporting all 10,000+ SC conference attendees as they unveil their latest innovations in high performance computing applications.

Unlike typical Internet traffic, scientific workflows tend to demand high capacity network links for long duration large data flows,” said Linda Winkler, Senior Network Engineer at Argonne National Laboratory and chair of SCinet for SC12. “The SCinet infrastructure was architected to meet these demanding requirements.”

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