Mellanox IB Powers Research at Brookhaven National Laboratory

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This week Mellanox announced that the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory has deployed Mellanox FDR 56Gbp/s InfiniBand with RDMA to build a cost-effective and scalable 100Gb/s network for compute and storage connectivity. Some of the key research being conducted currently at Brookhaven National Laboratory includes system biology to advance the fundamental knowledge underlying biological approaches to producing biofuels,; sequestering carbon in terrestrial ecosystems; research in advanced energy systems  and nuclear/high-energy physics experiments exploring the most fundamental questions about the nature of the universe.

Researchers at Brookhaven National Laboratory rely on data-intensive applications that require high speed (throughput) accesses to data storage systems,” said Dantong Yu, research engineer at Brookhaven National Laboratory. “Scientists often need to read and write data in an aggregated speed of 10Gbps, 100Gbps and beyond, which is equivalent to fetching a full-length HD movie in less than a second. The efficiency and scalability of Mellanox InfiniBand solutions with RDMA should help us eliminate bottlenecks on the interconnection between servers and storage, while also controlling processing cost and latency. Faster access to data enables us to move our research forward more quickly.”

See Brookhaven National Laboratory’s live demonstration of its high speed data transfer network at the Mellanox booth #1531 Wednesday, November 14th at 11:45 am. Read the Full Story.