Netlist Demonstrates Superiority of HyperCloud Memory at SC12

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Memory speed is often cited as a bottleneck in modern HPC systems. At SC12, Netlist demonstrated a comprehensive performance benchmark of its HyperCloud (HCDIMM) that showed a 39% greater server throughput compared to an identical system equipped with LRDIMMs.

As companies today increasingly process and capitalize on big data, there’s an increasing need for more memory in servers. However, memory performance in these servers is not keeping pace with processor technology, creating a high density memory cliff,” said C.K. Hong, CEO of Netlist. “HyperCloud breaks this bottleneck and allows servers to operate at their peak potential. By doing so, HyperCloud increases performances of applications in such key areas as securities trading, analytics, virtualization, and simulation.”

HyperCloud is shipping in volume with the world’s top three selling servers from IBM and HP, and is implemented across a number of high-performance computing applications in industries such as electronic design automation, financial services, oil & gas, aerospace and automotive. Read the Full Story.