Penguin Computing Adds Kepler GPU Acceleration and More

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Penguin Computing, experts in high performance computing (HPC) solutions, made three announcements today:

  • AOL Moves Micro Data Centers (MDCs) Powered by Penguin Computing Into Production: AOL’s MDCs are small ‘Data Centers in a Box’. There are two MDC versions: one for outdoor, one for indoor use. Each MDC unit is self sufficient and includes high density servers and storage nodes from Penguin Computing’s Relion product line as well as PDU’s, switches, load balancers and external hookups for power and networking. Read the Full Story.
  • Penguin Releases New Power Monitoring Device: PowerInsight, a new product for monitoring server and desktop power consumption. was designed by Penguin Computing in close cooperation with Sandia National Laboratories. It is a compact device that measures power consumption for all subsystem components within a server. The product includes an ARM-based server, a custom carrier board and kits of sensors and connectors for the various power rails within a system. All within a form factor small enough to fit a 3.5’’ drive tray. Examples of subsystems that can be monitored are CPU, Memory, hard drives, GPU, and fans. Additional subsystem monitoring devices are planned. Read the Full Story.
  • Penguin Announces Availability of NVIDIA Tesla K20 on Altus and Relion GPU Servers: The next-generation NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU Accelerator has been designed for throughput and performance per watt. It features two ultra-efficient GK110 GPUs that provide up to 3X performance per watt for single precision applications than its predecessor, the M2090. The NVIDIA Tesla K20 features two GK110 GPUs with 2,880 CUDA cores each and 5GB of memory operating at 208 GB/second per GPU. These GPUs are well suited for single as well as double precision workloads, including seismic processing, signal, image and video analysis, molecular dynamics, engineering and mathematical applications. Read the Full Story

Check out the Penguin Computing booth #1217 at SC12