Reflecting on an Amazing Week at SC12

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As SC12 wraps today in Salt Lake City, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on this amazing conference.

Many of our readers could not travel to the show this year due to federal budget cuts and new travel policies. Let me tell you right now that you were missed.

As you can see in the SC12 press conference, official attendance was down by something like 1500 people from recent years. And on the show floor where I spent most of my time taping interviews, the traffic was quite light at times.

So as not to get too touchy feely, the “mood” of the show was a bit apprehensive from my perspective. You know, it was that kind of uneasy feeling you get when you know something is missing but you can’t quite identify it. Myself, I instinctively kept checking for my wallet and car keys.

Of course, there were a lot of familiar faces as always. In fact, a number of you I saw from the Fed space were there “on vacation.”

So I do have some good news. This year, insideHPC recorded over 50 video interviews at the show with many scientists, CTOs, and numerous thought leaders in the industry. As you can see in the photo, we even did one shoot on the bridge of the USS Enterprise at the show.

Talk about Big Data, I now am faced with 300 Gigabytes of video footage to edit!

It’s Thanksgiving next week, so just to set expectations, the lion’s share of videos from SC12 will appear here starting Nov. 26. They’ll be part of our daily story stream and also live here on our SC12 video page.

As the videos start rolling out over the coming days, I hope our readers will get an appreciation for what SC12 was all about. There is simply too much to take in as an attendee and that depth and variety are part of why people come to this show year after year.

Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving!

Rich Brueckner
President, insideHPC


  1. It was great to see you at the show, Rich. Looking forward to seeing all of the SC12 interviews!

  2. I think the picture of you on the Star Trek bridge is a keeper!