Saudi Supercomputer is Tops in Energy Efficiency

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This week the Saudi supercomputer “SANAM” was ranked #2 Green500 listing of the most energy-efficient computers. Developed as part of the joint project of the leading Saudi KACST research organization and the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, the system also ranks #52 on the TOP500 and delivers an outstanding 2,351 million calculations per second per watt.

SANAM will be utilized to support research activities by many institutions in Saudi Arabia,” said Dr. Turki Alsaud, KACST VP for research institutes. “In this project, I’m pleased that we had a team of five engineers and two PhDs from KACST worked jointly with our German partner to develop SANAM.”

The Arabic name “SANAM” reflects performance and efficiency. Comprising 210 ASUS servers and 3360 processor cores, SANAM is a hybrid system with Intel Xeon E5-2650 processors and AMD FirePro S10000 graphic cards, all connected with FDR InfiniBand. Read the Full Story.

In related news, insideHPC is headed to the Saudi Arabian High Performance Computing Conference, which will be held December 1-3, 2012 at KAUST University. The conference is designed to nurture HPC communities in the region, facilitate information exchange, foster new collaborations, and advance the development of related applications and scholarships.