SC12 to Showcase Cutting-Edge Networks

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The SCinet Research Sandbox (SRS) will once again showcase the nextgeneration of HPC applications this year at SC12 with seven innovative network research projects. As a key component of the conference SCinet infrastructure, the SRS will provide researchers with dedicated access to multiple 100 Gbps wide area network links as well as a 10 Gbps OpenFlow network testbed.

In addition to supporting the extreme demands of the HPC-based demonstrations that have become the trademark of the conference, SCinet also seeks to foster and highlight developments in network research that will be necessary to support the next-generation of science applications,” said Brian Tierney, SRS co-chair for SC12 and head of ESnet’s Advanced Network Technologies Group. “Both 100 Gbps networking and OpenFlow have become some of the most influential networking technologies of this decade. SRS allows the community to showcase innovations on these platforms while in their infancy to demonstrate the impact they may have on the entire HPC community in the future.”

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