Solarflare ApplicationOnLoad Engine – HPC Processing on a “Bump in the Wire”

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In this video from SC12, Solarflare CEO Russell Stern describes the company’s new “bump in the wire” ApplicationOnLoad Engine (AOE). By enabling applications to be processed on the fly right on the NIC server adapter, the company is opening up a new paradigm of computation, ransforming the way networks process data and overcoming performance obstacles that cannot be solved by simply adding more processors.

Leveraging our high-performance 28-nm Stratix V FPGA, Solarflare has created a comprehensive firmware development kit that provides a straightforward integrated application development environment,” said Jeff Waters, senior vice president and general manager of the Military, Industrial and Computing Division of Altera. “With its ApplicationOnLoad Engine, Solarflare is delivering an integrated application on-load solution that enables application processing to be moved directly to the network adapter for lower latency, CPU offload or compliance.”

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