The Green Grid Partners with Global Task Force on Energy Metric Consensus

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This week The Green Grid global task force announced three new efficiency metric measurement guidelines: the use of the Green Energy Coefficient (GEC), Energy Reuse Factor (ERF) and Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE) metrics.

The guidelines include:

  • Green Energy CoefficientGEC quantifies the portion of a facility’s energy that comes from green sources. The metric is computed as green energy consumed by the data center (kWh) divided by total energy consumed by the data center (kWh).
  • Energy Reuse FactorERF identifies the portion of energy that is exported for reuse outside of the data center. ERF is computed as reuse energy divided by total energy consumed by the data center.
  • Carbon Usage Effectiveness CUE enables an assessment of the total GHG emissions of a data center relative to its IT energy consumption. CUE is computed as the total carbon dioxide emission equivalents (CO2eq) from the energy consumption of the facility divided by the total IT energy consumption.

We want to make it as easy as possible for the data center community to understand and embrace these metrics, and how they can work together,” said Joyce Dickerson, Board Member, The Green Grid. “When implemented correctly, they can save organizations a lot of time, money, and additional resources. Although there is more work to do, we think this will bring us one step closer to a universally adopted set of metrics, indices, and measurement protocols that will have a positive impact on the industry.”

The Green Grid and the task force intends to continue collaboration in the ongoing effort to improve data center energy and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission efficiencies. Read the Full Story.