TotalView’s Massive Milestone Towards Exascale Debugging

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At the SC12 conference, Rogue Wave Software, announced that TotalView has achieved a significant debugging milestone during testing conducted as part of its strategic scalability initiative, demonstrating its capability to debug a parallel job running on 786,432 processor cores. The tests were conducted on Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s (LLNL) Sequoia, its IBM Blue Gene/Q supercomputer .

We are actively working to increase the capabilities of our scientific codes to scale and take advantage of the phenomenal power of Sequoia,” stated Scott Futral, LLNL group leader for Development Environment. “As part of this effort, we are looking for ways to get more on-node parallelism from existing codes and architecting our new codes to support the even more massive degrees of parallelism that we know will be needed in the future. Rogue Wave’s dedication to pushing for ever-increasing scales with its TotalView debugger and the recent tests give us reason to be confident that TotalView will continue to be a critical development tool as we reach higher and higher scales with our own codes.”

Rogue Wave will announce the result of this second set of tests, which demonstrate successful debugging of an even higher number of threads, on Thursday November 15th at 12:00 PM MST. Visit SC12 Rogue Wave booth #3418, to participate in a competition to correctly guess the number of threads TotalView debugged. Read the Full Story.