Tuesday, Nov 13 Livestream: GPU Technology Theater from SC12

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Live broadcast by Ustream

Starting at 10:30 am MDT today (Nov. 13), insideHPC will be streaming live presentations from the Nvidia GPU Technology Theater at SC12. They have an amazing lineup of speakers, and while they encourage you to come to booth #2217 and see for yourself, the company also wants to reach out to the many people who could not attend the show this year.

GPU Technology Theater Schedule @ SC12
(Booth #2217)
Tuesday, November 13, 2012

  • 10:30 Inside the Kepler Architecture, Stephen Jones, Nvidia
  • 11:00 Big Data Astronomical Data, Amr Hassan, Swinburne University
  • 11:30 Real-time Triggering Using GPUs, Felice Pantaleo, CERN
  • 12:00 Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics, Justin Foley, University of Utah
  • 12:30 FIM and NIM Weather Models, Mark Govett, NOAA
  • 13:00 OpenACC, John Urbanic, PSC
  • 13:30 Turbulence Visualization, Marc Treib, Technische Universität München
  • 14:00 MAGMA Linear Algebra Libraries, Jack Dongarra, University of Tennessee
  • 14:30 Beyond Tsubame 2.0, Satoshi Matsuoka, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • 15:00 CUDA Development w/ NVIDIA Nsight , David Goodwin, Nvidia
  • 15:30 CUDA-Accelerated Libraries, Levi Barnes, Nvidia
  • 16:00 Thrust Parallel Algorithms Library, Thomas Bradley, Nvidia
  • 16:30 Compiling Parallel Languages w/ Numba, Mark Harris, Nvidia
  • 17:30 Improving Engineering Productivity, Ray Browel, ANSYS

Download the Full Schedule (PDF) and be sure to check out our live postings from the show every day this week.