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Archives for December 2012

Podcast: Life in 2030

This Engineers of the New Millennium podcast looks at Life in 2030 and explores the latest advances in science and technology to give listeners a glimpse of what life may be like in the not-too-distant future. And while they say we won’t have flying cars or HAL the computer, it is a fun listen as […]

Video: DTracing the Cloud

In this video, Brendan Gregg from Joyent presents: DTracing the Cloud at the 2012 Illumos Day in San Francisco. View the slides.

Henry Newman’s Top Ten Storage Predictions for 2013

Over at Enterprise Storage Forum, Henry Newman from Instrumental is out with his Ten Storage Predictions for 2012, and his last one is more of plea for reason. The industry really needs more than POSIX (open/fopen, read/fread,write/fwrite) and more than simple REST put/get interfaces for data in the future. Neither has the richness to address […]

Video: Multicore Memory Caching Issues

In this video, David Henty from EPCC presents: Multicore Memory Caching Issues. The presentation was recorded June 2012 at the PRACE Summer School on Code Optimization for Multi-Core and Intel MIC Architectures. You can view additional event presentations by Henty at the HPC-CH blog.

CFD Gives Athletes a Competitive Edge

Over at Wired, Madhumita Venkataramanan writes that mechanical engineers at Sheffield Hallam University are using full CFD modeling to help triathletes be more competitive. To build this visualisation, known as a computational fluid-dynamics model, Ranchordas’s body shape and geometry was captured with a robotic scanner. Next, his contours were put into a virtual wind-tunnel, where […]

Video: Titan Supercomputer “Like a Time Machine”

In this video, researchers describe how the #1 Titan supercomputer is ready to tackle the world’s biggest problems, from astrophysics to climate change. Among the projects Titan is tackling now: Tom Evans, at Oak Ridge, is using the machine to simulate nuclear reactor cores, improving the efficiency of the plants that now supply 20 percent […]

Interview: Miron Livny on How Bosco Software Enables Researchers to “Submit Locally, Run Globally”

Sun Alum Miha Ahronovitz has posted an interesting interview with Miron Livny from the University of Wisconsin on the topic of BOSCO, an open source software package that enables researchers to distribute jobs using a single script to multiple clusters. Bosco can help us by spreading the practical incarnation of the “Submit Locally, Run Globally” […]

PRACE Seeks Most Innovative Industrial HPC End-User Application

This week the European PRACE group announced the second round of its Competition for the Most Innovative HPC End-User Application in Europe. The objective of this contest is to award the boldest industrial HPC end-user application – we want to see how far one can take this technology in changing the present paradigms of HPC […]

Video: ZFS Performance Analysis and Tools

In this video, Brendan Gregg from Joyent presents ZFS Performance Analysis and Tools at ZFS Day 2012 in San Francisco. The performance of the file system, or disks, is often the target of blame, especially in multi-tenant cloud environments. At Joyent we deploy a public cloud on ZFS-based systems, and frequently investigate performance with a wide variety of […]

Marc Hamilton’s Top 10 HPC Events That Mattered In 2012

HP’s Marc Hamilton is out with his list of Top Ten Events in HPC for 2012. And while he rates the launches of Intel Xeon Phi and Nvidia Kepler as #1 and #2, the revival of Lustre at #6 looks to me to be the one that will have the most lasting impact. The 2010 […]