BP to Build Houston Facility for World’s Largest Commercial Supercomputer

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This week petroleum giant BP announced it has begun construction of a new facility to house the largest supercomputing complex for commercial research in the world. The company said the project will keep BP at the forefront of seismic imaging technology and be a critical tool in its global hunt for oil and natural gas in coming years.

This is not just about building a bigger and better computer,” said Robert Fryar, Executive Vice President Production. “BP’s new high-performance computing center will be as important to our global search for new energy resources as any piece of equipment we employ today, and it once again highlights BP’s commitment to applying the best technology to the world’s biggest energy challenges.”

Fryer went on to say that HPC has been vital to advances BP has made in seismic imaging over the past two decades, including the development of wide azimuth towed streamer (WATS) seismic technology for subsalt imaging. Such advances have been instrumental in some of BP’s largest oil and gas discoveries in recent years.

The big question in my mind is this: Will BP submit this machine to the TOP500? I’m thinking they won’t. Read the Full Story.