Engys in the U.K Goes With Compute-on-Demand from OCF enCORE

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This week SMB engineering software developer Engys in the U.K. announced that its new server cluster wil be hosted by their supplier, OCF. Engys staff from five worldwide locations submits jobs to the cluster via private, secure remote access, and having OCF host the cluster is saving Engys £30k per annum on operational costs for space, cooling, energy, and staffing.

Having our own cluster, but hosted and managed by OCF, gives us freedom,” said Francisco Campos, Director of Operations at Engys. “We do not have to waste our own time and effort maintaining the cluster; we don’t need cluster skills. We also don’t need to provide energy to run and cool the cluster or space to house it. We don’t have to worry about its administration or security. There are significant economic advantages to having OCF run this for us. It will save us in the region of £30k per annum on staff and operational costs.”

The server cluster purchased by Engys and hosted by OCF is built using SuperMicro server technology and uses Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge CPU processors. It delivers 144 cores of processing power and 14Tbs of storage. Engys also uses OCF’s recently upgraded enCORE Compute-on-Demand service, which uses compute power from a cluster at the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC) Hartree Centre. Read the Full Story.


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