GPU Testing Program Showing Kepler Speedups of 2X Fermi GPUs or More on Real Apps

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Over at the Nvidia blog, Can Ozdoruk writes that, due to high demand for the new K20 GPUs, the company’s GPU Test Drive Program provided early access to a number of researchers so they could benchmark their codes.

The results are in. Two-thirds of the users (65 percent) who took the test drive reported speed-ups of 2x or more, right out of the box, without making any code changes. You can just imagine what they will achieve with a couple code optimizations. And, this was done on a wide range of real scientific applications like GROMACS, GTC and CST, not on synthetic benchmarks, showing how the new Kepler GPUs can make an immediate impact on research.

The GPU Test Drive Program is a free and easy way to find out how Kepler can work for you. You can sign up for the program today. Read the Full Story.