IBM Replaces LoadLeveler with Platform LSF on x86 Clusters

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Over at The Register, Timothy Prickett Morgan writes that is mothballing its own LoadLeveler workload manager for x86 clusters in favor of Platform LSF, which the company acquired a little more than a year ago.

In other HPC software news, IBM has announced that it is going to put all of its weight behind the Platform LSF workload scheduler on x86-based clusters and withdraw its own Tivoli-branded LoadLeveler program for x86-based machines. IBM will sell LoadLeveler for x86-based machines until March 15 of next year and support the software until April 30, 2015. The LoadLeveler V5 for both AIX and Linux on Power will continue to be sold and supported on Power Systems servers and the variant for the BlueGene/Q will also still be available, too. That said, IBM is telling customers that Platform LSF is the workload scheduler of choice for its System x, PureFlex, and Power Systems clusters and grids, so take that into consideration when you are planning.

In related news, Morgan writes that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is IBM’s Linux of choice for its massively parallel BlueGene/Q supercomputers and the Power 775 machines. Read the Full Story.