Infographic: Why Green Datacenters Matter

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Over at the Intel CSR blog, Lorie Wigle writes that replacing an old server with a more energy efficient design could save up to 1 ton of carbon emissions.

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Intel is also exploring other innovative and eco conscious technologies within its data centers. For example, on its Rio Rancho, New Mexico campus, Intel conducted a pilot program with mineral oil cooling. For an entire year, the Rio Rancho servers were completely submerged in vats of mineral oil, which removed any excess heat and in turn, improved cooling for the entire data center. At first thought, the idea of placing technology equipment in mineral oil sounded pretty strange, but the results quickly changed my mind: The mineral oil cooling allowed us to save 7 percent of the server power by removing the fans, and modeling suggests it could result in a 90 to 95 percent reduction in energy use for the overall data center cooling system.

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