Sandia’s XPRESS OS Project to Pave the Way to Exascale

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Over at ExtremeTech, Joel Hruska writes that Sandia National Laboratories have launched a new program to speed development of an exascale-capable operating system. The eXacale Programming Environment and System Software (XPRESS) project will receive $2.3 million per year for the next three years from the Department of Energy.

The project’s director, Ron Brightwell, notes that the operating systems and message-passing programs currently used on modern supercomputers are 15-20 years old and were written in an era when individual nodes with hundreds of processors weren’t even on the drawing board. XPRESS, he states, “aims to provide a system software foundation designed to maximize the performance and scalability of future large-scale parallel computers.”

Read the Full Story or check out Brightwell’s slides on XPRESS (PDF).