StackIQ Enterprise HPC Speeds Cluster Deployment and Management

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One of the many product announcements out of SC12 last month was the release of StackIQ Enterprise HPC, a comprehensive cluster management suite powered by Rocks+ software.

We are thrilled to bring this major update to our HPC customers in time for the annual SC12 conference,” said Tim McIntire, President and co-founder of StackIQ. “By bringing the enterprise features of our Enterprise Data product to the HPC products, we’ve improved the HPC product, while making it easier for those building hybrid HPC/Hadoop clusters to get their work done.”

Administrators will find it easier to track cluster health using new advanced cluster diagnostics tools, while developers will find it easier than ever to develop and debut Rolls using features like the filtered “profiles” tab in the GUI. StackIQ also added advanced firewall configuration to enhance the security of HPC clusters, making them more robust and able to be integrated into today’s enterprise data center environments. Read the Full Story.