Video: Titan Supercomputer “Like a Time Machine”

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In this video, researchers describe how the #1 Titan supercomputer is ready to tackle the world’s biggest problems, from astrophysics to climate change.

Among the projects Titan is tackling now:

  • Tom Evans, at Oak Ridge, is using the machine to simulate nuclear reactor cores, improving the efficiency of the plants that now supply 20 percent of the electricity generated in the United States;
  • Jackie Chen at Sandia National Laboratories is using Titan to simulate the way hydrocarbons are burned: potentially improving fuel efficiency by 25 to 50 percent;
  • Warren Washington at the National Center for Atmospheric Research is using Titan to better understand and predict climate change, by generating high-resolution simulations of the atmosphere for the next one to five years, in the same time it took Jaguar to simulate three months out.

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