Bill Gropp: We Need to Stop Talking Just About Exascale

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Over at The Exascale Report, Bill Gropp from NCSA writes that to make Exascale a reality, we need to stop talking just about Exascale.

We can start by moving away from a focus on FLOPS (especially as measured by benchmarks that we know are misleading but that the greater computer science community thinks we still take seriously) and focus on solving the hardest, toughest, most challenging computational problems. This also provides the best guidance and rationale for the development of the new technologies needed to realize the much faster machines we all believe are essential. Yes, not having such a simple metric as ExaFLOPS makes it harder to quantify the goals, but we all know that an effective HPC system can’t be described by a single number.

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  1. Amen Bill, amen.