Bright Cluster Manager Speeds Chinese Climate Change Research Efforts

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This week Bright Computing announced that Tsinghua University in China is using the company’s software to manage its Hadoop-based cluster for climate modeling. The university selected Bright Cluster Manager because it provided a powerful solution for deploying, testing, provisioning, monitoring and managing its cluster while minimizing staffing requirements.

We needed a solution that would provide deep insights and better visibility into every aspect of our cluster. Bright’s highly intuitive interface gives us a complete view, including the ability to drill down to examine specific issues,” said Dr. Xue of the Center for Earth System Science at Tsinghua University. “In addition, Bright provides a multi-OS image that gives us more control over every aspect of our cluster’s operations. As a result, our researchers can develop benchmark software more quickly because we minimize downtime for maintenance and troubleshooting performance issues.” Paratera, a leading professional HPC software and services provider in China, led the cluster project.

The Center for Earth System Science was established in 2009 to develop an earth system science discipline with a focus on global change issues. The center currently concentrates on four broad academic fields: earth system science, earth system modeling, earth observation technology, and global change economics. Read the Full Story.