Cycle Computing Caps Record 2012 with IDC HPC Innovation Excellence Award

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Today Cycle Computing announced that the company capped off its record-breaking fiscal year by winning the IDC HPC Innovation Excellence Award. IDC recognized Cycle’s 50,000-core utility supercomputer run in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud for pharmaceutical companies Schrödinger and Nimbus Discovery. In an unprecedented computer run, the cluster completed 12.5 processor years of computation in less than three hours. Running at a cost of less than $4,900 per hour, the computational drug discovery job was recognized by IDC for its impressive return on investment.

In an industry that is evolving as rapidly as HPC, it’s fascinating to be a part of the creativity and innovation we’ve seen in the past year,” said Chirag Dekate, an analyst with IDC. “Cycle Computing’s impressive 50,000 run for Schrödinger and Nimbus Discovery demonstrated a strong ROI from the use of HPC, and we were pleased to recognize their accomplishment.”

Cycle Computing also reported 85 percent client growth in 2012 and has staffed up its sales and support staff. Read the Full Story or check out this interview with Cycle Computing CEO Jason Stowe from SC12.