ETI to Develop 2012 X-Stack Self-Aware Software Framework

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The Department of Energy has selected two teams with University of Delaware connections to receive funding under a supercomputing program called 2012 X-Stack: Programming Challenges, Runtime Systems and Tools. Guang Gao, Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is part of an Intel-led team selected to address extreme-scale computing issues in scalability, programmability, portability, resilience, energy efficiency and interoperability. ETI, a UD spin-off company founded by Gao, also was awarded funding under the program.

As scientific discovery and national security needs advance, and as data consumption and creation accelerates, Gao says he believes the next generation of scientific breakthroughs in extreme scale science will require major, novel advances in computer technology. “We cannot outsource our exa-scale computing research and development needs elsewhere. Strategically it is too important to our national security and to maintaining leadership in science and technology,” he explains.

On the Intel-led X-Stack project, Gao is leading research at UD to develop a novel program execution model and self-aware system software framework. Read the Full Story.