Nvidia to Help Establish Exascale Research Lab in India

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The Business Standard reports that Nvidia is collaborating with the Delhi Institute of Technology to reach its goal of achieving Exascale computing by 2017. The new Exascale Research Lab (ERL) will provide advanced ongoing research, testing, and technology development in a variety of areas including processor architecture, circuits, memory architecture, high-speed signaling, programming models, algorithms, and applications.

Nvidia and IIT Delhi share the common vision of developing technologies that boost computing performance to exascale levels in order to help find solutions to next-generation problems,” said Dr Subodh Kumar, Professor, Department. of Computer Science & Engineering at IIT Delhi. “Working with NVIDIA presents significant opportunities for innovation. The pool of talent available at our institute coupled with the access to the latest GPU technology is a promising prospect that will surely propel our race to creating radical, ground-breaking technologies.”

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  1. I believe India is an interesting growth market for Nvidia and most certainly all tech companies. Interesting development, I hope they will be able to create much high payed jobs for the Indian people.