Radio Free HPC on the First Rule of Exacale: Do Not Talk about Exascale

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In this episode of Radio Free HPC, the topic of Exascale is under the hosts’ scrutiny once again as they discuss some interesting stories released by The Exascale Report featuring opinion by Bill Gropp of NCSA and Bill Harrod of DOE.

Rule #1: You do not talk about Exascale. (Kind of like rule #1 of Fight Club, except the guys keep breaking it.) Why not? Because too many of the people talking about Exascale are having the wrong conversation about it.

What should the conversation be? Should it be about the systems themselves, or about the work that can be done only with those systems — the science that we can’t yet do? Spoiler alert: Dan and Henry disagree on this. But a peaceful vibe reigns once again as they discuss what The Exascale Report calls “The Three Noble Truths” of Exascale, which sounds kind of Zen and cool — as if it was coined by Exascale Samurai.

And finally… is it time to talk about Zetta-scale?

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