SGI Announces Software Support for Intel Xeon Phi

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This week SGI announced that the company has developed new software tools that enable customers and software developers to get the most value from Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors.

SGI UPC (Unified Parallel C) compiler, the first UPC compiler for Intel Xeon Phi, supports MPSS, the coprocessor software stack. It enables PGAS programming on SGI servers running Intel Xeon Phi. SGI UPC supports applications in native and offload modes. SGI MPInside, an advanced profiling and performance analysis tool that helps developers find bottlenecks in MPI code, now also runs on Intel Xeon Phi. SGI MPInside provides developers key capabilities to improve MPI application performance enabling “what-if” studies to project how code will perform on future architectures.

HPC customers require technology not only to deliver the best processing and energy efficiency, but also to speed advanced codes and algorithms to deployment,” said Raj Hazra, Intel VP and GM of the Technical Computing Group. “SGI’s UPC compiler is leveraging the familiar programming model of Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors. This allows customers to instantly take advantage of Intel’s new many-core technology when reusing the existing code and to achieve expected increase in performance.”

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