Uber-Cloud Experiment Looks at Barriers to HPC Adoption

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Over at The Exascale Report, John Barr and Wolfgang Gentzsch review the Uber-Cloud experiment, a project to help researchers explore the end-to-end process for scientists and engineers, from technical challenges to social barriers, as they access remote HPC facilities on which to run their applications.

The goal of the Experiment is to form a community to explore the challenges and benefits of running HPC applications in the cloud, to study the end-to-end process, learn what works (and what doesn’t), and to document the findings to help the next group of potential participants.

The motivation for the project came from a series of conversations between Wolfgang Gentzsch and Burak Yenier, who wanted to better understand the validity of perceived problems of running HPC in the cloud including privacy, security, unpredictable costs, ease of use, software licensing, and application performance. Read the Full Story or Subscribe to The Exascale Report.