Grid Simulation Plays the Epigonion for the First Time Since 500 B.C.

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In this video, researchers use the power of the European Grid Infrastructure to simulate the sounds of the Epigonion, a Greek musical instrument that hasn’t been heard for centuries.

Using a technique called physical modelling, Domenico Vincinanza recreated the sound of the instrument’s 48 strings as digital files. With the help of grid computing resources from the European Grid Infrastructure, it took him just a few hours. In a single core computer he would need a month. The epigonion’s sounds can now be downloaded and played by any musician using a simple keyboard.

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As you may recall, Vicinanza performed live from the insideHPC booth at SC11, turning the conference twitter stream into a concert of electronic music. Using an original Java application called Sonify running on the European Grid Infrastructure using GEANTInternet2 and SCinet, the pulse of the SC11 communiverse was brought to life.