Interview: Merle Giles on Increasing Emphasis on the Industrial Sector at ISC'13

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In podcast, Merle Giles from NCSA and I discuss the new Two-Day Industry Track on “HPC for Small and Medium Enterprises” at the upcoming ISC’13 conference. As part of the ISC Distinguished Speaker Series, Giles will present on the common needs of engineering and scientific research in regard to HPC.

The goal of the Industry Track is to help attendees from the industry, who often have different computing requirements than those at scientific institutions, make informed decisions about acquiring and operating HPC systems. This newly established track will focus on engineering and manufacturing in industry, especially on helping the industry improve product design and time-to-market through the use of HPC. The talks are also aimed at spurring a dialogue between users, technology companies, hardware vendors, software vendors and service providers. Small and medium Enterprises (SMEs) will be strongly represented.

ISC’13 will take place June 16-20 in Liepzig, Germany, a new city for the show.

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