New Algorithm Could Lower HPC Energy Bills

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Over at CIO Australia, Hamish Barwick writes that newly developed algorithms could lower energy bills in HPC datacenters.

According to Professor Albert Zomaya at the University of Sydney, the University has patented a “very sophisticated” algorithm that deals with energy consumption by manipulating voltages at a processor level.

We know that modern processors can operate at different voltage levels and by manipulating these voltages we are able to run a workload without compromising the execution time or the quality of service while at the same time reducing the energy consumption of the platform,” he said. “From the results we obtained from our extensive algorithm simulations we can see that, depending on the nature of the [HPC] application, the savings can run from five per cent to 35 per cent.”

Zomaya went on to say that they plan to have hardware properly tuned to deal with different case studies. Read the Full Story.


  1. Martin Hiegl says

    That’s already commercialy available – Energy Awares Scheduling in IBM Tivoli LoadLeveler and in future in IBM Platform LSF. Half of the SuperMUC energy savings come fram that feature. It profiles applications with the help of xCat and the next time the Voltage and thus Frequency gets adjusted.