SDSC Fosters New BigData Top100 List

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This week the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) announced plans for a community-based effort to create the BigData Top100 List, the first global ranking of its kind for systems designed for big data applications.

The explosion in data and the value of repurposing and exploiting data assets have created what we now call the ‘big data’ phenomenon,” said Chaitan Baru, SDSC Distinguished Scientist and director of the Center for Large-scale Data Systems research (CLDS), an industry-supported center of excellence within SDSC focusing on both the technical and management aspects of big data and other data-enabled applications now becoming pervasive among academia, government, and industry.

The BigData Top100 List will rank systems according to their performance on an application-level workload specification, while also reporting on system efficiencies in terms of price/performance. As an application-level benchmark, the list will complement other rankings of HPC systems, such as the Top500 and Graph500. Read the Full Story.