Silicon Mechanics on Board with Nvidia K20 GPUs

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This week Silicon Mechanics announced that the company is offering the new NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPUs in its hybrid architecture server product line. Designed for high throughput of both dual- and single-precision workloads, Kepler GPUs are ideal for climate and weather modeling, computational fluid dynamics, computer-aided engineering, computational physics, biochemistry simulations, and computational finance.

With more than one teraflop peak double-precision performance, this GPU Accelerator is ideal for the most aggressive high-performance computing workloads,” said Sumit Gupta, senior director of Tesla business at NVIDIA. “Since it is not limited to single-precision applications, it is also a well-rounded offering that can be used by more people for more tasks.”

The K20 GPU Accelerator features a single GK110 Kepler GPU that includes the innovative Dynamic Parallelism and Hyper-Q features, which boost performance and power efficiency, and deliver record application speeds. Read the Full Story.