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Video: PSC's Sherlock Supercomputer Means Business for Graph Computing

In this video, Dr. Nick Nystrom from PSC discusses what makes the Sherlock supercomputer unique and how businesses can take advantage of its graph computing prowess.

Sherlock is a YarcData uRiKA (Universal RDF Integration Knowledge Appliance) data appliance with PSC enhancements. It enables large-scale, rapid graph analytics through massive multithreading, a shared address space, sophisticated memory optimizations, a productive user environment, and support for heterogeneous applications. Sherlock consists of both YarcData Graph Analytics Platform (formerly known as next-generation Cray XMT™) nodes and Cray XT5 nodes with standard x86 processors. Sherlock contains 32 YarcData Graph Analytics Platform nodes, each containing 2 Threadstorm 4.0 (TS4) processors, a SeaStar 2 (SS2) interconnect ASIC, and 32 GB of RAM. Aggregate shared memory is 1 TB, which can accommodate a graph of approximately 10 billion edges.

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