Video: PSC's Sherlock Supercomputer Means Business for Graph Computing

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In this video, Dr. Nick Nystrom from PSC discusses what makes the Sherlock supercomputer unique and how businesses can take advantage of its graph computing prowess.

Sherlock is a YarcData uRiKA (Universal RDF Integration Knowledge Appliance) data appliance with PSC enhancements. It enables large-scale, rapid graph analytics through massive multithreading, a shared address space, sophisticated memory optimizations, a productive user environment, and support for heterogeneous applications. Sherlock consists of both YarcData Graph Analytics Platform (formerly known as next-generation Cray XMT™) nodes and Cray XT5 nodes with standard x86 processors. Sherlock contains 32 YarcData Graph Analytics Platform nodes, each containing 2 Threadstorm 4.0 (TS4) processors, a SeaStar 2 (SS2) interconnect ASIC, and 32 GB of RAM. Aggregate shared memory is 1 TB, which can accommodate a graph of approximately 10 billion edges.

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