Altair and HP White Paper: An Integrated Approach to Workload and Cluster Management

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Altair’s PBS Professional® is now fully integrated with HP’s Insight Cluster Management Utility (CMU), automating 80% or more of administrator’s cluster and workload management tasks.

Setting up a cluster can be challenging for a system administrator. The burden of installing a complete software stack across hundreds or thousands of compute nodes, combined with the pressure to have the system ready for production quickly (sometimes in days or hours), results in a highly complex project that can be daunting to even the most seasoned administrators.

The white paper walks through the integration between PBS Professional and Insight CMU, explains how the concept of a “connector” unites these two tools to simplify cluster setup and job execution, and provides instructions for performing key PBS Professional tasks within Insight CMU.

Key benefits to administrators/users include:

  • Improved visibility into utilization and performance metrics
  • Improved access to job data (e.g. jobs on cluster, reservations on cluster…)
  • Simplified management (admins can easily perform numerous tasks without needing to open a terminal window)

Download the white paper and learn more how the CMU PBS Professional Connector provides seamless integration between PBS Professional and CMU, automating common tasks to simplify cluster setup and job execution for users and administrators.