NetApp E-5500 Storage System Delivers Record Performance per Spindle

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Today NetApp announced the new NetApp E5500 storage system for Big Data and HPC applications. Derived from Engenio technology acquired from LSI, the seventh-generation E-Series is a high-density platform with record per-spindle throughput.

The SGI InfiniteStorage 5600, which is an OEM version of the NetApp E5500, has produced a new SPC-2 result confirming the performance and cost efficiency of the new E5500; it showcases the performance possibilities the E5500 unlocks for HPC and big data organizations. The audited, peer-reviewed SPC-2 result demonstrates the highest throughput per spindle by more than 2.5 times over the nearest non-NetApp published result.

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In related news, SGI rolled out the InfiniteStorage 5600 storage system today, noting that the flexibility of the platform enables users to push the limit without breaking their budget.