How Harley-Davidson Builds Bikes Faster with GPU Computing

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One of my favorite talks this week from the GPU Technology Conference was a presentation from Matthew Gueller from Harley-Davidson. Over at the Nvidia Blog, Ken Brown writes that Harley is using GPUs for 3D modeling that cuts months off its design cycle.

Harley-Davidson has been designing and manufacturing motorcycles for over 110 years. While the motorcycles designs remain true to the heritage, the process has evolved to incorporate many new tools into the conceptual design process to reduce the time required to develop new products, improve styling intent and to allow for greater conceptual exploration. By leveraging tools from Bunkspeed, Keyshot, Autodesk, Daussalt and others, we have added flexibility to our process for delivering high quality designs earlier. This presentation will go thru some of the conceptual design workflows and show how Harley-Davidson uses visualization tools to bring it all together. Feedback on GPU vs CPU performance benchmarking done at Harley-Davidson and how these tools are leveraged will be provided.

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